15 May 2010

The Colour Purple

I was going to do this totally fabulous post about the outfit that I wore today, but then I realized that I had a dentist appointment today and my outfit was going to be anything but Fab. I am getting braces and had to have the rubber bands fitted today, spent half the day sleeping… trying to get over the pain. I am def going to do a post on my journey to straighter teeth but right now I want to focus on something a lil more Glam, So I went to my photo album and picked out this pic of me in a very pretty, flirty and fun dress. I used it to My cousin’s wedding last year and then to our company's Christmas party as well, pretty sad cos I only got to wear it twice but will def wear it again. I bought the matching shoes for them as well. I love this dress so much, the puffy bottom the blingy brooch, plunging neckline, It’s one of the things that just make you want to go out and party.

I did something very simple and clean with the Makeup, not really natural though. Went for Maybelline Dream Matte mousse foundation and eye shadow in Lilac. The lipgloss was also from them but the name eludes me now. My hair was much shorter then but I feel the straightness balances the balloon dress very well.

Here is a pic of the shoes I wore I absolutely love mock croc and happened to get a matching clutch for the dress.

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