6 April 2020


There’s people baking bread and rolls, making turkish delight from scratch, making their own sanitiser, the #dontrushchallenge, the #sarichallenge, the #dalgonacoffeetrend and so on and so on and we get it, everyone is trying to make the most of these uncertain times.
I want to know what happened to the #stayathomeanddonothingchallenge or #donttakepicsofyourfoodchallenge and my personal favourite #dontcombyourhairforaweekchallenge.

I’m not “throwing shade”, I’m just saying if you haven’t done all these weird and wonderful things and if a triple layer death by chocolate ganache covered cake isn’t on your menu today, that’s okay.
It’s easy to feel like you are missing out on so much when you’re stuck at home, eating some CoCo Pops, thinking I should have made the damn rolls. It’s easy to look at all the things you aren’t doing and get depressed about it, (anyone else feel terrible about not building a new water filtration system during lockdown) and it’s easy to compare your lives to others, damn I’m stuck here working from my dining room table which I share with my 2 kids and husband while some people have an entire home office to themselves.
FOMO is normal, just don’t make a home and live there.

Don’t get so consumed by all the things you aren’t doing that you forget all those things that you are getting right, like, getting out of bed, taking out the trash, keeping your video off in Zoom VCs’ and making sure your kids don’t shave off their eyebrows and if they did, making sure you take lots of pics to embarrass them with one day.

You know what’s so unique about the circumstances we find ourselves in today, is that there isn’t any precedent, meaning there are no rules about what’s right and what’s wrong. (of course there’s the rules about the lockdown) but there’s no rules on what you HAVE TO DO, so if you’re like me and prefer to be an observer rather than a doer or if you don’t feel the sudden urge to document everything that’s happening in your life on social media, then that’s okay.

PS I am not doing absolutely nothing during the lockdown, I have a very successful virtual bookclub with 8, no, now 7 members and we haven’t had a single bookclub meeting yet, but you know what that’s okay too.

28 June 2019

Urban Decay Born to Run - The Only Eyeshadow Palette you will ever need

I know this is a huge claim, but this is honestly how I feel about this palette. Urban Decay products have been a favourite amongst many for the longest time. Their claim to fame being the Naked eyeshadow palettes which offered beautiful natural shades for all skin tones.

Fast forward to 2018 and the Born to Run palette was the word on everyone’s lips and the shades on everyone’s lids.

It entered the market at a time when there were so many amazing products out there but not many offered the broad spectrum of colours and finishes that it does. It has everything one would need from an eyeshadow palette, mattes, foil like metallics, high colour pay off and longevity.

It is 21 shades of awesome, that’s right 21 shades, that’s a whole lotta bang for your buck. 
At R800 for 21 shades, that works out to about R39.00 a shade, all of which you would use. 
I got mine on sale from Foschini, at R640 so you can only imagine my excitement.
I’ve created a variety of looks from everyday work looks to going out looks with this palette and my eyeshadow lasts a good 7 hours, I do have very oily lids and prime with my concealer.

The colours are easy to work with and blend well with other shadows. The palette also comes with a large mirror, which does make it great for travelling.

A summary of the colours:

Hell Ride is the perfect deep cranberry colour that works well as a transition shade while Good as Gone and Punk will be sure to intensify any make up look.
Breakaway and Weekender are perfect base colours and can also be used for extra contrast on mid cut crease look.
Still Shot and Riff does double duty as great transition or standalone shades.
The Metallic shades are all winners, they apply best with a flat shadow brush or your fingers.
Stranded and Blaze offer the best brow bone highlight but can double as highlighters for your face.

Ignite, Smog and Double Life is a good inner corner highlight but layer them over Jet or Good as Gone and you will find another sultry dimension to these shades.
Guilt Trip, Radio and Wanderlust offer that something different to jazz up your look, although they do work well layered over other shades.
Drift and Big Sky lets you create an elusive evening look when paired together but can be softened with Wildheart on the outer lid.

I’ve included some looks I created with the palette below:

A subtle everyday glam look, with Riff all over the lid and crease followed by Accelerate all over the lid.

Use Baja in the crease with Jet all over the lid for a more dramatic eye look.

Baja is probably the most versatile shadow in the palette use it on its own for an intense monotone look, its also perfect for the lower lash line.

Do you have a go to Eyeshadow palette, share with me below:

19 June 2019

Lovisa VS Mr Price - The Battle of the Accessories, What I get Where and Why

I'm a fashionista, and like all fashionistas I LOVE ACCESSORIES.
I have a collection that warms my heart, no I'm not a hoarder (do hoarders ever admit to being hoarders). There are so many amazing stores that stock beautiful accessories, my penchant is jewellery but not anything that's worn on the wrist (a story for another day). I do however find myself always gravitating towards the same two stores MR Price and Lovisa when it comes to buying my costume jewellery.

There is good reason for this though, these stores have a huge variety or classic, statement, niche or trendy pieces. They're always updating their inventory so there's usually something shiny and new to pick up.

They are worlds apart when it comes to pricing, I mean you can find affordable items at Lovisa but that's mostly if they are having a sale. Mr Price on the other hand ALWAYS stocks affordable items.

Mr Price 

When I'm looking for new trendy seasonal pieces that won't break the bank, I go to Mr Price. Sometimes I just want to try a look out or I don't see myself wearing this item in the next season and I don't want to spend too much on it. I also find that they have the cutest floral earrings and I love floral so no surprises here.

Mr Price

I go to Lovisa for everyday earrings that would work with many outfits usually from their 5 for R100 range. I've used these earrings below over the past 2 years and they still look great.


I also like getting gold and silver items here as I find they don't change colour like the ones from Mr Price sometimes do. They can cost a little more but I usually buy on sale. Lovisa stocks more dressed up Jewellery which is perfect for events. They stock cute head ware too and you can really get a customised look to match your outfit.
I've also received gifts from Lovisa and I noticed it's quite a popular spot for gift shopping. I guess the fact that it does come with cute a little gift bag is an awesome bonus.

Gifts from Lovisa
Do you get your fashion jewellery from these stores, do you prefer one over the other or do you have another store you'd recommend, Share with me below: