5 March 2017

Review The Accidental Book Club – Jennifer Scott

I love reading, I will read anything and everything that comes my way. I try to read as often as possible and will only start a book if I know I can finish it.

I enjoy the way my mind conjures up scenes and characters and how my heart and mind gets involved with the story as if it’s as real as me.

This book was a great read especially at a time in my life where I wonder what kind of parent I would be, How would I bridge the generational gap and would I be a good mother?

The characters are as different as chalk and cheese but it’s a clear indication of how we need people in our lives, even if we are not the same as them.

Jean a widow who is finding it difficult to get over the loss of her darling husband Wayne is in for a shock to her system when she finds herself with an unexpected house guest. Being the trooper she is, she takes in in her stride, but when does too much become enough and will she be able to bite her tongue any longer?

Well at least she has the book club, oh the book club more like the weekly catch-up session for Jean’s not friends. Well throw in her new visitor in the mix and you have a book full of laughs, cries and even some life lessons.

It’s a definite 5/5 for me!

28 August 2016

All you need to know about MAKEUP SETTING Sprays

Save or Splurge - Battle of the Setting Sprays

Setting sprays are all the #RAGE right now. Good news for us South African’s is that more brands (affordable ones too) are bringing setting sprays to SA… Whoop Whoop.
I must firstly say that if you haven’t tried a setting spray, go on try it. I know you will see a difference in your makeup game with just this one product.
You can use them to:
Prime your skin before make up application
Set your makeup
Hydrate and moisturize your skin
Refresh your makeup throughout the day

I have been using these 2 sprays for about 10 months or so and have to admit, I now can’t imagine makeup application without a setting spray.


1st up is the Avon Makeup Setting Spray

At R79.99 for 125ml ,this bottle is affordable and great for anyone wanting to try out setting sprays without the heavy price tag. So this spray is a little tacky when you 1st apply it and you need to make sure it dries completely before touching your face. Once dry, I don’t recommend adding any products onto your skin as it is a bit stiff but that makes it great for keeping your look locked in. The mist isn’t as fine as you would like and it is advisable to spray in the air first before spraying your face, which does lead to a bit of product wastage. I haven’t tried using it to refresh my make up but I think it could work.

Bonus tip for this one, use after primer and while tacking apply your foundation. You will find it helps keep the product in place with a natural look.

Get your bottle from your local AVON rep 
Primed and Shined with the Avon Makeup setting spray

Next up is the BeautyFix Radiant Make-up Finish

This beauty babe costs R299.00 for 100ml but I have to say it is worth ever rand. I will also come right out and say it, its my FAVOURITE. I won’t classify this as a makeup setting spray because I haven’t seen it pro-long the wear of my make up but it is everything else and more. I use this before and after make up application. It calms my skin and leaves it with a fresh feeling. It has rosewater, cucumber and aloe Vera extracts. I even use it after I cleanse my skin at night. It offers a beautiful dewy finish to your make up. You can spray it on your make up sponge or brushes for seem less blending.

Bonus tip for this one, Get them from RUNWAYSALE when available for R150.00 each.

Get your fix from BEAUTYFIX 

Locked in my look with the BeautyFix Make-up mist

I found that neither of the sprays did much for my oily T Zone but in their defence very little can help with that *sigh*.These sprays last a long time depending on how often you use them.

There are many other awesome brands out there with great make up sprays. Like most things in life, each person may have a favourite or different experience with each products. Find the best one for you and share with us by commenting below.

25 August 2016

Makeup Brands available in South Africa

I’ve been seeing so many posts on IG and blogs about #fakemakeup and how so many people end up buying these items because they want to try a variety of products. So I thought I’d do a little reminder post just to go through some of the #SUPERAWESOME makeup brands that are available in stores South Africa. Don’t be surprised by how long this list is:

Yardley London
Black Opal
Estee Lauder
Elizabeth Arden
Black Up
Bobbi Brown
Calvin Klein
Wet n Wild
Foschini for Beauty
the BALM
Urban Decay
Yves Saint Laurent
Beauty Treats
The Body Shop
Physicians formula
Max Factor

I tried to include as many brands as I know of in this post, so forgive me if I missed a few.
I also understand that not all of these brands are available at stores near you bit, with the beauty that is online shopping, you can buy from stores like Woolworths, Redsquare, Clicks, Mac and Dischem online.
I hope that this post has opened your eyes and minds so you don’t have to open your wallet for #fakemakeup ever. 

International brands resellers

There are reputable resellers of international make up brands and if you decide to purchase from them, do a little homework by:
Asking for proof of authenticity
Checking for reviews on them from other sources
You can even email the brand itself to confirm if this is a legit reseller.

Remember as the saying goes, you rather be safe than sorry