28 February 2019

My Must Have Makeup Brushes - Budget Friendly Edition

Everyone who loves makeup will know the tools one uses to apply it can make all the difference. They can be quiet expensive though and sometimes even those over priced ones do not deliver when you need them to.

Now if you don't know by now, I am obsessed with makeup brushes. I can never have enough.So, I've compiled a list of my budget blasting makeup brushes that will leave your face beat without breaking the bank.

This 7 piece eye brush set from Beauty Treats is really such a versatile, great all round set.

The 305 Tapered Blending Brush is ideal for cleaning up and softening your look while the 316 Large Shader lets you apply a good amount of product all over the lids with one sweep.
If you're looking for the perfect brow bone highlight brush then the 321 Medium Angled Shader fits the brief to the T. The 313 Eye Shader let you pack on product for maximum intensity.

The 331 Angled Brush is perfect for eyebrows and eyeliner while the 335 Eyeliner and 324 Pencil Brushes allow for precise application of inner corner highlight and to smoke out your lower lash line.You can even use them as as nifty lip brushes

The only downside with this set is that its rather difficult to get your hands on them, they retail for R99.95 at DisChem and if you spot them, grab them.

Now the brush below is featuring the new look of the Beautique Brushes from Edgars. You might recall them with those sleek silver handles.
I can't say I mind the new design, it looks fun and flirty and this new addition, Angled Contour Eye brush really is a babe.
I use this to apply my base shadow with flat part and my crease colour with the pointed end. It also allows for easy blending with its fluffiness. I can also see this working as a great concealer and nose contour brush.
At only R39.95 it's super affordable and they usually have them on 3 for 2 so it really is a bargain.

I've saved the best for last, my holy grail foundation brush is the Urban Studio Angled Contour Brush from DisChem.
This is the perfect brush for buffing in your foundation, cleaning up your contour or even using as a powder brush. It's super soft bristles are easy to wash and I have been using the one on the left for about 9 months now. I wash them twice a month and they still perform exceptionally well. There's very minimal shedding with this brush and it has a weighted handle which gives good control when working with your products.

The sleek design with rose gold ferule can rival even the most expensive brushes out there and in my opinion this is the perfect everyday brush. 
At 79.95, you can also get a back up one like me but I would say this one could last about 10 months if not longer with everyday wear, just depends on how you care for it.

26 February 2019

Quick Review - TRESemme 24 Hour Body Volumising Range

I love big hair, the bigger the better but I also hate piling on products like mousse and hair spray everyday. A good 6 months ago, I bought the TRESemme 24 Hour Body Volumising shampoo and conditioner to help me get the big hair I love without all the product pile up. I have been testing it out since, here’s my thoughts on it:
This shampoo and conditioner delivers what it promises. My hair was bouncier and more voluminous after just one wash. The shampoo works as a clarifying shampoo and the conditioner left my hair super soft without being greasy. They retail for  R79.99 each for 900mls which is excellent value for money.

The whole family enjoyed this shampoo, so much so which led me to replacing it sooner than anticipated.

This time I tried the Expert Selection Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo which works on a reverse wash system, basically you condition your hair first before shampooing but for me the 24 Hour Body Volumising shampoo worked out better as it left my hair feeling squeaky clean
Clicks is having a fantastic promo now where you can buy 2 of the selected TRESemme products for R112.00 until 05 March 2019.

Have you tried any of the TRESemme shampoos? let me know below if you have any favourites:

24 February 2019

The beauty products you really DON’T need to buy

I am a self-confessed shopaholic, my life’s motto sounds pretty much like the 7 rings lyrics “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it”, so it’s no surprise that I’ve bought and tested all the items on this list.

I am sorry to say this but you can live without these items and if you really MUST HAVE them, there’s so many affordable DIY options.

Sheet masks

Now, I love me a good moisture masking session as the next beauty babe and I have tried a few sheet masks from different brands, however I haven’t witnessed any radical, skin perfecting results from any of them. With an average price of R50.00 each, these are hardly considered affordable and for what you get out of it, it isn’t worth it in my opinion. 

Most skincare products are only able to offer great benefits if they are on your skin for a long time, think serums, treatments and moisturisers. Rather save your coins on the sheet masks and opt for cheaper DIY alternatives with natural ingredients like the ones below.

Lip exfoliating products

I bought two different types of these and wrote a review of one here which you can check out, needless to say I am not impressed. The other I tried was very affordable but also not worth it.
You could do a better job with brown sugar and honey, a wet toothbrush or a damp face towel.

Eyeshadow primers

This is just unnecessary, I know, I know, the Primer Potion fan club will have my head for this but I’m not saying you don’t need to prime your eyelids, I’m saying just use your concealer because there aren’t that many affordable eyeshadow primers out there that does the job better than your concealer.

Hot cloth cleansers

I’m not going to lie, the one product I used was amazing, my skin was moisturised and it removed about 90% of my makeup. However it was overpriced, considering the size and how long it lasts.
You can purchase virgin coconut oil for about R50.00 for 500mls… to make the awesomely effective hot cloth cleanser below.

Refreshing facial mists

I’m not talking about makeup setting sprays as most of these have a different set of ingredients to specifically increase the wear time of our makeup. I’m talking about the refreshing mists that’s supposed to give your face a pick me up during the day. Essentially most of these are made up of 95% water and essential oils which make them smell amazing. I personally love the citrus ones and the one I use is R95.00 for 60mls. There are so many recipes online for these, SaneshMakeup has introduced many to her rose water spray on her channel, here’s my own variation below: