21 August 2018

No Kids No Legacy...

So being a 30 something woman, married for just over 3 years now, a question I get asked a lot is "when are you having children", now I know there are many women out there who dread this question. I on the other hand am ok with being asked this, my answer which I firmly believe in, is simple, I will have kids when God wants me to and it fulfills his amazing plan for my life.

Although I'm patiently waiting for when that happens, the other night I was thinking. Since I don't have any kids as yet, does this mean I don't have a legacy to leave behind?

Heavy thought I know, then I remembered a great woman who was such a driving force in my life.
She was my aunt who was always so busy taking care of everyone that she didn't marry or have any kids. Although we were virtually her kids by association.

Whenever I think of her, I remember how kind she was, always helping others, always sharing even though she may not have had much.

She was fierce and resilient, motivating and passionate. Full of life and never backed down from a challenge. She took what life threw at her and she made the most of it, she taught us all to do the same.

Sadly she passed away 17 years ago and now thinking of her assures me that even without any kids, I can still leave behind a legacy infact I  have a responsibility to leave behind a great one.

It's a good thing to be known as someone who made a success of your life but is that your legacy? I think not

Your legacy is the way you make people feel, the knowledge you impart onto others. The helping hands you offer to those in need. The smiles you leave on people's faces when they think of you and the ability to inspire people to leave a legacy of their own.

Your legacy is the space you leave behind that no one can fill.

So here's to living a life today that your future self will be proud of♥️

26 June 2018

Nailed It – The BeautyRoom at Salon Caprice

A month or so ago I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the Durban Bloggers who’d be treated to a set of nails courtesy of the BeautyRoom at Salon Caprice.

Shortly after the selection, I was contacted by the owner Candice to book my appointment. I remember thinking, WOW love the speedy service, she was also very accommodating when I wanted to change my appointment date at very short notice.

So last Wednesday, I arrived there and was greeted by the jovial Kami and even though I told her she had free reign, she still asked a questions to gauge what I would be comfortable with.

This for me is a very important step when getting a manicure, especially because everyone does have a certain style that they gravitate towards.

She was spot on in helping me with my colour selection but ultimately let me decide.

There's a growing trend among many women who have their nails done regularly, they're skipping the tips and going for a gel overlay on their natural nail.
Now having always had tips on my nails whenever I have them done I found the idea of a gel overlay quite intriguing. So on my visit to the BeautyRoom at Salon Caprice this was the set that I opted for.

Kami was very friendly and proceeded to style my nails using a bright purple and lilac combo which was exactly the funky colours I was in the mood for to warm me up in the cold winter months.

Talking about warming me up, I had a yummy cup of hot coffee while she worked her magic.
Just over an hour later, my nails were done and I was pleased with end result. I wanted to have some fun with my nails and looking at the end result, I think the brief has been met.
I love the fact that she painted on each design and it was customized just for me.

I especially like the champagne glitter accent colour, it complements my skin tone and the other colours really well.

Be sure to check out the other nail designs from salon caprice on their IG here.

You can find them at 23 Swapo Road in Durban North, contact them on 031 564 6232 to book your appointment.

8 June 2018

5 Fashion trends from 2017 that are still HOTTT AF!

Each year comes with a new set of trends and some linger on for longer than we could have imagined, think rose gold, skinny jeans and all things marble.

Just like those there are some trends from 2017 which managed to sneak into this year, and honestly I ain’t mad because they’re still HOTTT AF!

Gurrl bring out them tassels, these delicate fringes can be found everywhere. From shoes to jerseys and my personal favourites earrings. Mix and match them with gold and silver. Use them to amp up an otherwise drab outfit or as a statement piece all on their own.

As we approach autumn here in SA we can see more fur items in stores and on the streets. It’s all faux of course but oh so stylish! In 2017 though the fur slides really stole the show, inspired by Fenty by Rihanna, there were blush and jewel toned versions of these little puppies in most of the stores & not to forget on many fashion lovers Christmas wish list. I managed to grab a pair from Legit for R99.99 and they are super comfy. You can pair them with joggers, leggings jeans and dresses and they work well for a day out shopping too.

Choker Necklines
Ok, being a beeg girl meant I was very afraid of this trend but so glad that I eventually tried it when I was gifted the top above from my little sis. Received so many compliments. It truly does elevate your look and I noticed many stores doing winter versions of these in the form of long sleeved tunics and dresses.

Block heels
Step aside Miss Stilleto there’s a new sassy siren in town and she really is a fave amongst us all. The block heel is stylish and practical all at the same time. We’ve seen hues of blue, blush and gold but the black block heel has become a wardrobe staple due to its versatility and classic appeal. From chunky to flat, they’ve made a huge statement, it’s no wonder we brought them into 2018 with us.

Ruffle sleeves

There was a hint of ruffles with the striped blouse trend in 2017 but this year the ruffles have ditched the stripes and you will find them everywhere from bold monochromes to floral prints. They really give an air of whimsy to any look.  Plus I just adore sleeves on everything and this trend lets me wear sleeved tops without being frumpy.

See any of your #faves here, comment below and share with us.