14 May 2010

The Fun Starts Here

I’ve had this recent obsession with Blogs, I have been going through Blog after Blog, just thinking WOW this stuff is really awesome. I know, I know you must be thinking where has this chick been all this time?
I got this crazy idea of starting My own Blog but just couldn’t imagine a name for it or what I would possibly be able to Blog about ,this came to mind Jenesequa (It means I don’t know in French, But not really spelt this way). For me it’s when something is so overwhelmingly Gorg, Beautiful, Awesome that I just can’t find the words to describe it and I more often than not end up saying, “Well, it’s just I DON’T KNOW”. So that will be the title of my Blog – Jenesequa, A blog about everything and anything from fashion and style , Music and Movies, Boys ,Love , Friends ,Food Well I’m sure you get the idea now.
Okay so I could not get Jenesequa due to availability issues, This person beat me to it http://jenesequa.blogspot.com/, so I m going with JustJenesequa I mean that is what I literally say “ it’s just I DON’T KNOW”.

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