6 March 2016

Review The Body Shop Strawberry Shower, Scrub and Soften Range

I must firstly admit that I have never purchased anything from The Body Shop. Not sure why but I just haven’t. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve heard of them before even popped into the store a few times but still not sure why I didn’t buy.

I received this gift set for my bridal shower last year from a super awesome friend of mine. I only got around to trying it a few weeks ago and boy am I impressed. Let me just say that I love strawberries and I know they don’t taste like much but they look and smell amazing. These products evoke a feeling of luxury and serenity. They contain only the best ingredients and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. Oh and the smell, I adore the smell. I used the Shower Gel and Body Polish in the shower and my skin felt clean without being dry or stripped down of its natural oils. For those of us who think we don’t need a body scrub, trust me we do. I wasn’t big on the added routine in the shower but the benefits on my skin really outweigh the time. I suggest using it once or twice a week. That’s all you need. Exfoliating your skin helps with easy absorption of the moisturising products that you apply afterwards. This means your skin can truly benefit from all the ingredients these products contain. I topped the routine off with the Body Butter which melts in your hands and into the skin.

Image Source: The Body Shop

Now these products have converted me and as much as I love a beauty bargain, I also adore great quality products that deliver what they promise. These products have made it onto my must have list and I will be sure to get them again.

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  1. I absolutely love the strawberry range. Its so fresh and calming. You should definitely try the Aloe range, their body butter smells heavenly. xx
    Rivania | The Glam Unicorn