24 February 2016

Tried, Tested and Loved

This is the 1st edition of #TTL & I want to make it a regular feature on my blog. I love writing product reviews, I always feel my opinion counts a whole lot and so I love sharing it with anyone who will listen.

Here's a a few products I started using this year and my take on just how awesome they are.

Justine Tissue Oil

I know like where have I been?, I had to switch to this one because I couldn't get my hands on my usual Cocoa Heaven from Bramley.
I like the smell and feel of this oil, its quickly absorbed into the skin and keeps me moisturised without feeling greasy. That’s a pretty grand feat for a beauty oil. I use is whenever I remember too and mostly at night on my face.
Price: R60 for 60ml on special ( They are having a special on 2x 100 ml for R190)
Get Yours From: Local Justine sales rep find yours here

Brush Egg

Ok so, many of my peeps are telling me I don’t need this but, they are soooooo wrong. This mini beauty babe makes brush clean up a breeze, it takes me half the time to wash my brushes and get them really clean. I use this with baby soap and water and it works on both synthetic,natural and combo brush types.
This is pretty hard to come by, I haven’t seen them in many stores. You can buy yours from one of the IG sellers and this one often has them on special.
Price: R60.00

Catrice Long lasting lip pencils

I love lip liners, well I love makeup so this isn’t a shocker. I ordered these ones from Takealot when they were having a sale. Got them at a bargain price. The shades are pretty flattering for most skin tones. They are soft and highly pigmented. If your lips are in super great condition you could get away with using these as matte lip sticks. They can be used to line or full in lips and maybe switch up the colour of lipstick by layering them on before or after lipstick application
Price: R18.00 each on sale 
Get yours  from: Takealot or Dischem
Can we ever have too many of these

Pantene Aqua light

I usually use this refreshing spray after I wash my hair or to tame fly aways when I’m tying my hair. It has the most freshest scent ever and isn’t sticky. You can spray as much of this as you like and I promise you there will be no sign of oiliness in sight. Curly hair beauties should try this as a leave in conditioner, you will be amazed at how soon you will fall in love with this miracle worker.
It softens hair and makes frizzy hair more manageable without weighing it down.
Price: R70.00
Gets yours from: Clicks, Dischem, selected Checkers and PnP
Need another one of these soon

Design EyeShadow Palettes

I have ready great things about these palettes from Hayleigh. I was so eager to try them so I jumped at the opportunity when I saw this in Edgars at the beginning of January. You might only spot them at one of their beauty sales so if you see this in the store then you have to act fast. The colour pay off is awesome and I can create a variety of looks with this palette. The golden bronze shades can be used to highlight and bronze. This has to be one of my new favourites.
Price: R53.00
Gets yours from: Edgars whenever you can

Rich Naturals

Have you tried any of the products above, Comment below and let me know what you think.

PS The notebook used in the pics is part of a 2 pack from PnP got at a steal of R29.95.

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  1. I absolutely love the Justine's tissue oil. I use their oil as well as their lip balm. It is so soothing especially at night. I purchased my brushegg from Switchco (shopswiitch.com) and its a total life saver. xx
    Rivania | The Glam Unicorn