5 March 2017

Review The Accidental Book Club – Jennifer Scott

I love reading, I will read anything and everything that comes my way. I try to read as often as possible and will only start a book if I know I can finish it.

I enjoy the way my mind conjures up scenes and characters and how my heart and mind gets involved with the story as if it’s as real as me.

This book was a great read especially at a time in my life where I wonder what kind of parent I would be, How would I bridge the generational gap and would I be a good mother?

The characters are as different as chalk and cheese but it’s a clear indication of how we need people in our lives, even if we are not the same as them.

Jean a widow who is finding it difficult to get over the loss of her darling husband Wayne is in for a shock to her system when she finds herself with an unexpected house guest. Being the trooper she is, she takes in in her stride, but when does too much become enough and will she be able to bite her tongue any longer?

Well at least she has the book club, oh the book club more like the weekly catch-up session for Jean’s not friends. Well throw in her new visitor in the mix and you have a book full of laughs, cries and even some life lessons.

It’s a definite 5/5 for me!

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  1. Wow, I haven't heard about this book before but I am keen to give it a read.
    x Rivania | The Glam Unicorn