11 November 2017


I've been blessed to meet so many beautiful, strong, caring, kind, passionate, smarty, fierce, loving, amazing, fabulous, awesome, inspiring, talented, hard working and supportive women in my life.

They have honestly helped me through so many different situations and some have gone and some have stayed but one thing I know is that each of these women were ENOUGH, sometimes though I think they forgot that.

I think so often, we depend on others for our validation, we want to belong, be loved and accepted. It's only natural but sometimes this world doesnt appreciate the beauty that is YOU.

Guess what that's okay, because YOU are all you will ever need. YOU are courageous, fearless and all the other things they said you will never be.
YOU are also the only one responsible for your happiness, don't ever hand that power over to someone else. After its all said and done, you will have to look at the person you are and you will have to be accountable to yourself.

It's not about silencing the haters, it's about amplyfing that voice inside of you that says "I'm worth it, I deserve the BEST, I Love myself. It's about caring less about what others think and caring more for your self. Also if you get a chance to meet another beautiful soul, remind them of this.

So it's not to late, take back your power, do more of what makes you happy and less of those things that don't but most importantly You Do You.

Because you my beautiful girl, YOU are ENOUGH!


  1. What a kick ass little piece!! Love it little sister

  2. I second this piece Jan! Such a profound message that really needs to be heard. Love it girrrrrl