23 January 2018

Because I’m Appy

I love my phone, there I said it and it’s true. I really like the convenience of having everything in one place. I have a Huawei P10 light, the screen is quite big, the phone itself has a great design and isn’t too bulky. As awesome as my phone might be, it's really only as good as the Apps on it.

There are thousands of apps out there for Android devices. I seem to use the ones below on the regular. I have shared them with many family and friends and most agree that these apps are the Bee’s Knees

For me the best all in one photo editing app, you can create collages, posters, scrapbooks and so much more. It also comes with ultra-cool photo props and filters that are updated for different seasons. 2017 Christmas edition had me on a roll. Kids love these filters, also its meme generator is genius. It’s a really quick way to personalize pics especially for special occasions.

Google keep
Shopping lists, notes, images all in one place and its free. This is my top pick for making quick lists with check boxes that are easy to edit and save. Ps the colour coding and labels help too and you can access these online.

UB reader
I have read too many books on this app. It opens files in multiple formats including epub and pdf. There aren't too many ads on the free version and I love how you can switch up the screen design and fonts. It also allows you to create your very own digital library and I know many will say you can’t beat the feel of a “real” book and I agree but I love the convenience and affordability of ebooks. There are some sites that offer great, free ebooks but only in epub format so that’s when this app comes in really handy.

Their app is one of the most user friendly apps around. Makes searching, pinning and sharing a breeze I heart it so much. Especially like how you can upload pics from your phone to create pins of your own. Also how you can share boards with your peeps so you all pin together. This app is great for party planning, fashion inspo, DIYs’, travel info and well pretty much pretty imagery of everything.


Now this app is amazingly, it takes your voice notes and converts it to text. I actually use it for blogging and it's super helpful for studying as well. You can save and share your notes. Yes you have to edit the notes a bit but its much quicker than typing all of it out. You could also use it to makes lists, quick notes or memos. Options are really endless.
What are your favourite Apps that you'd be lost without, share them with me below...


  1. Great read...now it makes me want to upgrade.

    1. Thanks for reading, oh yes we could all do with a shiny new phone