16 January 2018

Book Review - A House without windows by Nadia Hashimi

What do you do when you're literally caught red handed with your husband's still warm body not far away?
Now add to this the fact that you are an Afghan woman and your words are only half as valuable as a man's. Who cares if your husband was a darkness that blackened your home that left your kids trembling in fear and you with more battle scars than a soldier in war.

No, you killed your husband and now you must pay.... Well unless your ex pat fresh from the US lawyer can find a way for true justice to prevail.

Follow Zeba, caught for killing her husband, her mother Gulnaz said to be a sorceress of note, but even her jadu can't save her daughter and Yusuf the lawyer given the daunting task of defending her.

You also get to visit Chil Mathab the woman's prison she is sent to, where there are many like her
sentenced for crimes such as reporting their rapes, running away from arranged marriages to men old enough to be their grandfathers or someone just saying they are a criminal. Their stories and cries fill the halls of the prison. Can Zeba survive here, she keeps replaying that day over in a head. Will she be sent to the gallows or will she spend her eternity behind these walls? 

This book had me hooked from beginning to end. I was reminded of the freedoms I sometimes take for granted and how there are still many women in the world like Zeba who don't have those basic rights.

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