8 February 2018

Revlon Irresistible Kiss Balm Juicy Peach VS Labello Vanilla Buttercream lip balm

I had to buy both of these (at different times of course) because I’m struggling to find my favourite Maybelline Baby lips in stores.

Let me just start this post saying there is no lip balm that will compare to the Baby lips for me. I have tried so many different ones from Avon, Body shop, Oh So Heavenly, Soft Lips, LipIce and I always find myself going back to the Maybelline Baby lips.
I decided to give these two a try because I need to find a lip balm that’s a pretty close second to my fave.

Let’s talk packaging, the Revlon Kiss Balm wins here for me, the colours are so fresh and I like the sleek design with a cute transparent lid. The Labello Vanilla Buttercream lip balm is sturdy with a white base and gold cap which is pleasing to the eye.

Now onto product size, Labello steals the show here with 4.8 grams of product compared to the 2.6 grams you getting with the Revlon balm. While we here we rather compare price, again Labello wins as it retails for R24.95 compared to the R59.95 for the Kiss Balm. I will more than likely need 2 of the Revlon ones in a month which makes it quite expensive for me. (I use lip balm every day, even under lipsticks or glosses).

On the moisturising/hydrating test I pick the Labello one (this could be due to the variant of the Revlon one I purchased). I felt the Labello one moisturised my lips for a good 2 hours before I needed to reapply. 
I felt the Revlon one was too thick and just sat on my lips without being absorbed, also it left a very light white film on my lips, (again, this could be due to the variant of the Revlon one I purchased). I found myself reapplying the Kiss Balm more often as my lips felt dry.

When it comes to the smell of the lip balms both are amazing, the Labello Vanilla Buttercream had a beautifully light vanilla scent, I could also get a bit of an oily scent from it as well but it isn’t something too noticeable. The Revlon Kiss Balm though made me feel like I was walking through an orchard of peaches. Also I got a sniff of the other varients and they are all amazing.

The Labello Vanilla Buttercream lipbalm is a WINNER for me, it’s super affordable, hydrates my lips and has a sweet but not over powering scent. I also ended up passing the Kiss Balm along to my sister since she apparently likes it a lot, different strokes I guess.

You can purchase both of these lip balms at Clicks or Dischem and the Revlon Kiss Balm at Foschini and Edgars.

Have you tried any of these or are there any other lip balms that you just can’t live without, let me know below:


  1. Such a thorough comparison! We need more of these coz you’ve certainly made my decision easy! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more blogs of this kind

  2. Im not surprised that the Labello won. I use BlackBerry Shine and I absolutely love it. It has a slight red tint which makes it very versatile... I can use it for literally any occasion.