3 February 2018

Love Yourself

So it's officially the "month of love", I thought it would be only fitting that my first post for this month focuses on the theme of LOVE.

This post is on something that I feel is very important, Self Love.

For me Self Love is simply put as loving your self. Sounds easy enough but  sometimes it can be a little hard.

We've all had many experiences in life, not even romantic ones that can affect how we love ourselves. Often how we love ourselves also affects how others love us.

Self love for me is taking care of one's self. It's not compromising on what makes YOU happy.

Practicing self love can be as easy as just asking yourself a few questions:

  • Am I happy
  • What can I do to make me happy
  • Does this have a positive impact on my life

Spending time with yourself, reading and journalling can also help you on this journey.

Self love is a continuous cycle, it shouldn't be altered by others views of you. You have to be honest with yourself and if there is something about you that you don't love, then what about a plan on changing that. Self love is action, not only words.

When you are at a point where you truly love yourself (not to be confused with narcissism), you will find it harder to accept anything less that what you truly deserve in this world. You will begin to question anything and anyone that makes you feel less than the awesome, rockstar that you are and you will also weed out anything or anyone that doesn't add value to your life. Sometimes you might find yourself in a smaller social circle but that just might be what you need to maintain a positive, happy you.

You can also practice daily affirmations which can help set the tone for your day ahead and remind you of just how special you are.  
I've included some below, but you can make your own list if you like.

Is there something that you practice along the lines of SelfLove, please share with us below.


  1. This is beautiful and I think a subject that is overlooked and underrated. Thank you for reminding us of the importance. If we truelly love ourselves, we’ll be able to truelly love others.

  2. I love this. We often look for love in all the wrong places and end up settling for less than what we truly deserve; only because we don't love ourselves as much as we ought to.