30 January 2018

I chopped my hair eeeek......

Yes, December last year I bit the bullet and went for a new do, chopped off my hair and added some highlights (I use this term very loosely).

I was scared at first but I felt great. I loved the way my new do frames my face and apparently it makes me look younger, now who doesn't want to look younger.

I’ve included some tips below to consider if you are thinking of a new hair do

#1 Will I be able to maintain my new hair style?

Chopping off all you hair is a fab idea but sometimes the maintenance might be too much of an effort and leave you feeling more tired than excited. In which case maybe think of other ways you can style your current look that might not require as much maintenance.

 #2 Will I be comfortable with the new length

I know some people must have their hair at a certain length or longer, if you are one of those peeps, then maybe a few layers might be your answer instead of a new pixie cut.

#3 Choose the best stylist for you

I have gone to the stylist who cut my hair for many other hair dos before. I am very comfortable with her and trusted her to give me my dream new look, which I feel she delivered on. Make sure you are also comfortable with the person you entrust your new look too.

#4 Consider testing the look

There are actually many apps online where you can “test” out a new hair do. Maybe that could give you an idea of the looks you love and the ones you want stay away from. I tried some looks on the YouCam app and although I didn’t end up with the exact look, it really was a great starting point for me.

#5 To Dye or not to Dye

Whether to colour your hair or not is a beeg decision, you have to think about the affects these products will have on your hair, the maintenance and after care and guestimate on the outcome, especially if you are like me and haven’t coloured your hair in the last 12 years. You can try hair chalk, clip in streaks or semi permanent bonded highlights if you want to test drive how coloured hair would look on you.

Changing your look is exciting and I hope these tips help you. Most of all make sure you are happy and comfortable. Also remember that even though they may not be a returns policy on a new hair cut, it will grow back eventually.

Are you more likely to cut or colour your hair, let me know below:

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