5 May 2018

Review Swiitch Beauty Prime Time Kit

Wearing makeup is fun and leaves me feeling pretty but sometimes the effects of matte lip products combined with the elements are a bit much for my lips.

I needed to get a product that would make my lips softer especially now as winter is approaching.

I bought the PrimeTimeKit from Swiitch Beauty a few weeks ago. They had a 50% off sale for their birthday, so I paid only R75.00 for the kit which is a definite bargain.

There's two tubes in the kit, a black one which is the priming gel that removes dead flaky skin off your lips and the white one is a moisturising balm.

Both my sister and I tested the products and for me the priming exfoliant didn't do much for my lips. My sister however felt that it worked enough to remove the dead skin and flaky bits of her lips. She did have to use it twice in one go to see the results.

The balm did hydrate my lips and is a good base for lip colour. It's quickly absorbed into the lips and doesn't affect the colour pay off from your lipstick or gloss.

Final Thoughts
The balm works and is a great base with out being greasy. The priming exfoliant also offers minimal benefits but when combined with the balm, you will notice a difference.
I would suggest using a more effective lip scrub at least once a week. At R150 for the kit it's affordable as it has enough product to last at least 3 months. I also like the fact that it's two products in one which means more bang for your buck.

Have you tried the Swiitch Beauty Prime Time Kit share your thoughts below:


  1. Do one on the urban studio brush!! Now that's worth writing about.

    1. Of Course I will considering it's our new favourite.

  2. Thanks Ash, appreciate the support

  3. Glad to have this bit of information especially cause it gives you pros and cons and not just pros. Love The post Jan ❤️

    1. Thanks Vans, I can say the Pros outweigh the cons on this one but also wanted to be REAL