16 May 2018

Book Review Just Between us by Rebecca Drake

You know in life you get some friends that are willing to sacrifice everything for you. Well that's exactly what Allison, Julie and Sarah were to Heather.

Although they hardly used the term besties but they would describe themselves as that if need be.

Their kids went to the same school, they lunched together and in each other they found the sisterhood that every woman yearns for.
So what would they do if one of them finds herself in the most unbearable circumstances. They support her, they sacrifice and they hide the body... well not very well because it does get found.

First they have to get through the discovery, then the funeral and then the interrogation but can they? Is their sisterhood strong enough, Is there a weak link in their chain and will their friendship ever be the same?

A definite page turner, which will quickly have you switching up your favourite character as the story unfolds. Everything isn't as it seems and that's the best part about this novel.