7 June 2018

Simply Scentsational Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Review

Fine fragrances aren’t really my thing and you definitely won’t find me rushing out to buy the newest one after a launch. I do however have a few favourites and I emphasise the word few cos there really aren’t that many than I love.

I got this heavenly scent from, well the very same source all my favourite scents come from, my hubby of course. I must add that if ever I do find myself lusting after a new perfume, I just need to drop some not so subtle hints and he usually gets them for me.

He does however complain that I don’t use them enough but there’s perfectly valid reasons for this.

First things first I have terrible sinus/ allergies which means sometimes even a mild scent will have my eyes all watery and I spend the rest of the day looking like I caught a bout of pink eye. The next thing is I like to bring out these wonderful fragrances for special occasions as I feel they add a little something extra to my outfit.

The Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue fragrance has scents of jasmine, apple and a slight woodiness to it. For me, it’s a refreshing aroma that isn’t over powering or clinical, perfect balance between floral and fruity.

If I had to describe it, its summer in a bottle with a seductive twist.
That’s the reason why I find myself reaching for it year round, in winter it reminds me of the summer breeze and the lazy days spent on the beach. In summer it’s light and airy nature makes it easy to wear even in the warm Durban weather.


I have seen a recent launch for the Italian Zest edition which I’m keen to try. You can read up more on that here.
You can purchase the Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue EDT from Redsquare or anywhere that sells fine fragrances.

Do you have a signature scent, share with me below:


  1. I much like you also rarely use perfume for lol lol pretty much the same reasons as yourself so just like you i look for subtle scents. I am keen on trying this out
    How much does this often go for ? Lol i do like a bargain so tell me.... Whats the on sale price Lol. I dont want to be swindled the first buy you know!

    1. You must check out Foschini and Edgar's they always have it on sale and of course you can try mine whenever you like