8 June 2018

5 Fashion trends from 2017 that are still HOTTT AF!

Each year comes with a new set of trends and some linger on for longer than we could have imagined, think rose gold, skinny jeans and all things marble.

Just like those there are some trends from 2017 which managed to sneak into this year, and honestly I ain’t mad because they’re still HOTTT AF!

Gurrl bring out them tassels, these delicate fringes can be found everywhere. From shoes to jerseys and my personal favourites earrings. Mix and match them with gold and silver. Use them to amp up an otherwise drab outfit or as a statement piece all on their own.

As we approach autumn here in SA we can see more fur items in stores and on the streets. It’s all faux of course but oh so stylish! In 2017 though the fur slides really stole the show, inspired by Fenty by Rihanna, there were blush and jewel toned versions of these little puppies in most of the stores & not to forget on many fashion lovers Christmas wish list. I managed to grab a pair from Legit for R99.99 and they are super comfy. You can pair them with joggers, leggings jeans and dresses and they work well for a day out shopping too.

Choker Necklines
Ok, being a beeg girl meant I was very afraid of this trend but so glad that I eventually tried it when I was gifted the top above from my little sis. Received so many compliments. It truly does elevate your look and I noticed many stores doing winter versions of these in the form of long sleeved tunics and dresses.

Block heels
Step aside Miss Stilleto there’s a new sassy siren in town and she really is a fave amongst us all. The block heel is stylish and practical all at the same time. We’ve seen hues of blue, blush and gold but the black block heel has become a wardrobe staple due to its versatility and classic appeal. From chunky to flat, they’ve made a huge statement, it’s no wonder we brought them into 2018 with us.

Ruffle sleeves

There was a hint of ruffles with the striped blouse trend in 2017 but this year the ruffles have ditched the stripes and you will find them everywhere from bold monochromes to floral prints. They really give an air of whimsy to any look.  Plus I just adore sleeves on everything and this trend lets me wear sleeved tops without being frumpy.

See any of your #faves here, comment below and share with us.


  1. Ashini Padayachee8 June 2018 at 18:28

    I love ruffle sleeves and all of the trends you've mentioned Jan!

    1. And of course you would rock all of these trends hun