22 January 2016

Favourite Favourites

Being a lover of all things beauty, girly and well just plain down pretty, its really difficult for me to pick “favourites”. I think these change with season or needs or looks. There have however been a few beauty babies that I must buy, well whenever I find myself almost running out or them on sale.

In no particular order, here they are:

Baby Lips Lip Balms from Maybelline

Whether you want a flush of colour or some serious lip therapy this is the lip balm for you. Priced at around R35.00 a single tube lasts about a month and half. Also comes in a cooling Dr Rescue range which heals chapped lips and is a winter must have. The funky colours on the packaging can easily have you grabbing for more than one.

Johnson and Johnson Baby Wipes

I have used a variety of wipes over the years, but these ones are my absolute fave’. Gentle enough to prevent irritation but strong enough to get rid of most of my make up. It smells well, baby like and comes in a pack of 80 for about R32.00 Bing bang for your buck here.

Essence Nail Polishes

Oh my these little bottles of awesomeness are so affordable and pretty. The chubby flat brush allows me to get through my nails in 2 swipes and most colours are really opaque so one coat has got you covered. You can pick these little gems up from Dischem or Clicks prices range from R20.00, yes they are that affordable.

Revlon Lip Stain

Whoa Provocateur my on the edge colour buildable and bold I always reach for this baby when I’m going out and even been known to use this in the day time with a little bit of gloss to sheer it out. Priced around R135.00 it’s a great red with a good undertone which suits most skin tones.
I cant seem to find it right now, but will post a pic asap.

WetnWild Crème Brulee Eye shadow

I discovered this beauty about 3 months ago, read many people raving online about how it’s a dupe for something or the other not that any of that matters to me. This colour is an amazing base and highlighter colour. I love matt eye shadows as they are really versatile and can be used everyday without looking over- done. This one can be used on its own with a black eyeliner smudge out and you good to go or use it under your transition shade to intensify colour.

Avon glimmersticks

Probably using these eyeliners for about 10 years now. The intense colour and softness is just a few reasons why I always find myself with one or 2 of these in my make up purse. Feeling funky, try the emerald green or sparkling blue shades. I usually get them on specials for about R39.95 each.

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  1. I absolutely love Maybelline Baby lips! They are so moisturizing and affordable at the same time, xx
    Rivania | The Glam Unicorn