11 December 2010

Top Tips for your Tresses

My friends and I always agree that a woman's hair is her crowning glory. It goes far beyond a good cut or colour and more into the condition of your hair. It needs to be healthy, shiny and well not falling all over the place (I am quite literal about the last bit.

My hair is naturally curly as you can see in the picture below,

I do straighten it with a flat iron at least once a week which I have been warned is not very good for my hair which makes it all the more important for me take good care of it.

Tip#1 Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner.
Even if you someone who doesn't use a lot of products on your hair, you would still need to use a shampoo to wash your hair. A conditioner is  a good to have and can be used after every alternate wash depending n your preference. When purchasing a shampoo and conditioner there are a few things to consider, your hair type being one, your hairs specific needs eg: hair fall or dandruff and what you want the shampoo to achieve for you eg: clarifying, frizz control, shine and curl enhancers.Experts suggest switching it up a bit, alternating your shampoos every now and then is not a bad thing. Another option to this would be to use a clarifying shampoo every 6 -8 weeks. I am currently using the Sunsilk Co-Created Range - Hair Fall Solution shampoo. This is because I have  experienced some hair fall over the past couple of months and wanted to combat this. I am please to announce that this has worked quite well, I have the Shampoo and the treatment conditioning hair mask.  My hair loss has been decreased and I have received quite a few compliments on how healthy my hair looks.

Tip#2 Don't comb your hair out while its wet
This is a tip that I have learnt recently, whether you are air drying your locks naturally or blow waving it's good practise to only put a brush or comb to it once it is about 90% dry. Reason for this is the fact that your hair is quite fragile when wet and can be broken or snapped easily.

Tip#3 Go Au' Natural
Sometimes, (& I stress on sometimes cos I know how dedicated we girls are to our hot tools and stylers) we just have to work with our natural hair. You can use accessories like alice bands, grips, slides or even flowers to help with this, the trick is  not to use any heat on your hair. As we have been told before consistently heat styling can damage your hair.
Working with your natural texture or even colour is more of a prevention is better that cure type of mindset.
Tip#4 Deep Condition
This is especially necessary if your tresses looks like they lack moisture.
I would suggest at least once a month, but fortnightly it not a bad idea either. There are many types out there including ones for colour treated hair.
Tip#5 Try something new
I know that we all have our favourite ways to wear our hair & that's good cos you always have to have a when in doubt hairstyle. I would also suggest trying out new hair do's, dont have any ideas, search the web. I learnt most of the new styles that I wear now from Youtube.  There's many other sites out there as well. My fave new styles are side french braid. The low bun and the modern pony.

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